distrosI-Nex is an application that gathers information for hardware components available on your system and displays it using an user interface similar to the popular Windows tool CPU-Z.

I-Nex can display information for the following components: CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Sound, Hard disks, RAM, Network and USB as well as some system info like the hostname, Linux distribution and version, Xorg, GCC, GLX versions and Linux Kernel info.

Besides being able to display hardware information, I-Nex can also generate an advanced report for which you can select what to include and optionally send the report to a service such as Pastebin (and others). It also features an option to take a screenshot of the I-Nex window directly from the application.

The difference between I-Nex and the other hardware information GUI tools available for Linux is that the information is better organized and is displayed faster (than lshw-gtk for instance). Also, the hardware information is presented in a way that’s easier to understand than other such tools.

  • Jasem Mutlaq

    Can you please add PPA support to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial? Thanks for the wonderful software!


    Very good and interesting software. I will add it to my software list in Linux Mint MATE : http://www.numopen.fr/Ajouter-un-logiciel-a-Linux-Mint-MATE
    I compared I-Nex with CPU-X.
    – CPU-X shows the name and size of the RAM, not I-Nex :
    – CPU-X shows the vendor and the model of the chipset, I didn’t find it in I-Nex.

    – In Kernel, the name and the version of the Linux distribution (Linux Mint 18) is not showed.

    – In GPU, the temperature is not showed.

    In System, it’s written „Deafult DM” instead of „Default DM”.

  • Tomko Kubianca

    I used the Ubuntu installation procedure but it didn’t work on Debian Jessie. Do I need to do something different?

  • Ben

    Hi there, I use I-Nex with xubuntu. It does not scale well when using 4K resolution screens. Can you please fix that?
    Best regards, Ben

  • ABIX Edukacja Adam Jurkiewicz

    Michał, tu Adam Jurkiewicz – kiedy startuje i-nex na bezdyskowym systemie (ltsp), mam komunikat:
    gosc@ltsp13 ~ $ i-nex.gambas
    [07/05/2017 18:28:45.354] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.39] Starting log
    [07/05/2017 18:28:45.357] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.67] Call to MLibcpuid14
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.226] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.97] Check available procesors
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.226] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.117] /home/gosc/.config/gambas3/i-nex.conf
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.226] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.118] /home/gosc/.config/gambas3
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.227] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.121] Call to MInit for copy nedded files to I-Nex config dir in User.Home
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.228] [INFO] [MInit._inits.27] I-Nex config directory in user/home folder exist
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.228] [INFO] [MInit._inits.28] Try to remove files
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.233] [INFO] [MInit._inits.30] Copy nedded files
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.233] [INFO] [MInit.Copy_Nedded_Files.50] Copy gputemp from Data/gputemp to /home/gosc/.i-nex/gputemp
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.245] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.123] Settings default dir = /home/gosc/.config/gambas3
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.245] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.124] Check for Battery
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.245] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.126] Check for Usb device plugged
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.128] Check for Drives
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Disk_Drives._inits.71] Add Drives to ComboBox
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Finfosys.Form_Open.130] Check for Drives..
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Disk_Drives._init_2.83] Add Drives to ComboBox..
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Disk_Drives.get_informations.100] Deleting data from variables
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Disk_Drives.get_informations.102] Get informations of Drives
    [07/05/2017 18:28:46.381] [INFO] [Disk_Drives.get_informations.141] Get informations of Drives Done
    Disk_Drives.disks.320: #45: File or directory does not exist
    Disk_Drives.disks.320 Disk_Drives.get_informations.142 Finfosys.ComboBox3_Click.653 Disk_Drives._init_2.92 Finfosys.Form_Open.131 MStart.Main.56

    I niestety sie nie uruchamia.

  • Richard Albers

    Hello everybody i’m new here and use sins yesterday i-nex a great app but i miss some (for me) relevant information in the like internal ip adress and internal memory in report?

  • Robert Clithero

    Hello, I have install the software as followed by the Arch Linux installation instructions. When I go to open i-nex.desktop it give me this error:

    KDEInit could not launch ‚/usr/bin/i-nex.gambas’

    Please advise on how to resolve this issue.

    Thank you

  • Timothy L. Miller

    i-nex fails to launch if you don’t have a /dev/sd? in your system (such as some low ends that have emmc drives that are /dev/mmcblk0). Verified on Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 9, and Fedora 27.

  • carabao


    Thank you for your program. I have an error when I want to create a report

    [45] Golden line directory does not exist.
    FReport_Gen. Form_Open.19

    small concerns of size of window, the last lines
    are truncated on certain tabs. Windows cannot be enlarged.

    fedora 28 , gnome 3.28, xorg

  • MiaMiner

    I tried install i-nex on Linux Mint 19 but get this error:
    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:i-nex-development-team/daily
    HTTP Error 404: Not Found
    Cannot add PPA: ”This PPA does not support bionic”.

  • Joe james

    why does I-Nex and hard info both report my Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2Ghz) as 1377Mhz ?

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