I-Nex is in the community repository:

sudo pacman -S i-nex libcpuid

To remove the program, follow the instructions

sudo pacman -R i-nex libcpuid

Arch Linux

I-Nex needs libcpuid for proper work. Before you install i-nex you have to install libcpuid-git from AUR.

git clone

cd libcpuid-git

makepkg -sirc

Next install I-Nex:

mkdir -p I-Nex

cp I-Nex

wget -c

makepkg -sirc


For Fedora 25:

sudo dnf copr enable brollylssj/I-Nex

sudo dnf copr enable brollylssj/libcpuid

sudo dnf install libcpuid11.* i-nex.* gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit.*


In OpenSUSE it's advised to go directly to the OBS site (click the repository button below).